Team Laltex, got an HR issue?

If you were walking down the street and got a stone in your shoe what would you do?

  1. Keep walking?
  2. Stop and remove the stone?

Like the stone, HR issues don’t go away on their own.

The sooner you address the issue, the less likely it is to turn into a problem.

Ignore an HR problem and more will develop. Pretty soon you’ll have a shoe full of stones.

Don’t be shy. Pick up the phone and call DLP now.

Call 0330 400 4454 or email

Get that stone out of your shoe!

When you call the office let them know you’re from Laltex and you’ll be connected to your legal team.

We’re here to answer questions, draft letters, contracts and all of the hard stuff. Once a course of action is set we advise and schedule the next steps. Remember, don’t be shy or hesitate to speak openly and honestly with us. That’s the best way for us to help you reach your outcome.

If a visit is required, you will see one (or more) of our smiling faces depending on the severity of the matter.






And if you ever have a problem don’t hesitate to email me directly. I’m here to help.

Kind regards,