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Direct Law & Personnel

Award-winning employment law providers for every business need Learn More

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource

It’s not just about staying out of court, it’s about being the best you can be.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

DLP Hands On HR

A DLP Advisor (or Advisors) in your office working on your behalf to manage all your HR concerns.

DLP Shared HR Services

Outsourced HR professionals working alongside your team to upskill HR services, streamline your business and increase efficiency.

DLP Business Partner

Providing HR Outsourcing Services as a value-add to businesses, trade and membership associations, community groups and charity umbrella organizations.

DLP Legal Services

Your dedicated DLP Legal Team can provide accurate and timely information and documents in line with your needs and instructions.

DLP Charity Team

Accurate advice in the charity sector—where every penny counts—is critical to achieving your mission.

DLP Associates

Working with hand-selected HR consultants to provide white-label HR support.

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Hear What Clients Say

I just want to be told what I can and can’t do, don’t want the fuss or hassle of having to analyse the risks or think about costs I want my HR company to be a professional and committed agency that I trust to look after me and guide me in the right direction without fail, I wouldn’t have stayed all these years had that not been the service I receive

Donald, Cambridge, training business, 8 staff

For our association combining sales and HR was the perfect fit. Having experienced 34% growth we are excited to see what you come up with next year! The fact the model you designed meant no risk for us fit with our core values and the strategy the board wanted to adopt. Roll on next year we hold you accountable for our growth and success in retention

National Trade Association, 9,000 members Property Sector

This has to be the future of Hr outsourcing, DLP are again, ahead of the curve. Our dedicated team feel like they are our own, just another branch of our business

Restaurant chain on 7 sites and head office – 154 staff

It’s not possible to compete by doing this internally. Just not possible. Past three years have seen changes that we would never have thought to implement which have developed and grown our business. The shared service to our business was a total no brainer

Accessories importer and wholesaler, Nationwide, 140 staff

I honestly can’t believe the no nonsense and smooth transition to the service, the cost savings and standard of support we are now receiving has never been seen or experienced previously in our business. The fact that staff now know exactly what is expected of them, that they have a place to go, that we have set HR strategy in place (never had before despite a team of 3 in house qualified professionals) has made a staggering difference to our business. Branch staff don’t know we outsource but have felt the difference, not only have we saved money we have experienced cost savings from new rota’s, reduced absence, improved morale and published dates for reviews well in advance. It’s only been 3 and a half months but we will never look back.

Retail outlet, National base of 15 stores (and growing) Women’s fashion, 120 staff

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