DLP Shared HR Services

Outsourced HR professionals working alongside your team to upskill HR services, streamline your business and increase efficiency.

More than 78% of internal HR work is ‘administrivia’ and can (and should) be managed through processes or through employee self-service. DLP Shared services can help your team identify the administrivia, create the processes and empower your employees to help themselves.

The majority of in-house HR teams deal with the same daily issues and have little time to review changing HR and Employment Law. As a result some HR managers are under skilled or lack the expertise to manage the Major HR issues they face each month. This lack of expertise leads to added time, HR and legal costs. DLP Shared Services can work alongside your team to either manage the thornier issues or train your staff and give them the confidence and support to deal properly and commercially with issues.

DLP Shared Services can help your team create a uniform approach, ensure consistency and stability, prepare organised reviews, bespoke letters and documents and meaningful up-to-date policies to ensure your business meets all regulatory and compliance matters.

All too often a business grows but the skill and experience level of HR staff doesn’t follow. Businesses suffer as a result. DLP Shared Services gives you bespoke support for your existing staff to leverage to their strengths, fill in where needed and present your business as the employer-of-choice you want to be.

Contact our DLP Shared Services Team today to schedule a one-on-one consultation and learn how easily and affordably DLP can help your business prosper.

DLP services can be tuned to your individual needs as well as your budget.

Need help every now and then?

Choose DLP Pay As You Go

From meetings, document preparation, letter writing, strategic planning or a quick phone call you get the full benefit of the DLP process: a full needs assessment and analysis and work planned to match your needs.

Only what you need, when you need it, to match your budget.

Help with a specific issue?

Choose DLP Consulting

From one-off document preparation to tribunal cases, strategy development to redundancy or TUPE transfer, a highly qualified DLP adviser can guide you in your legal needs.

Consulting quotes are usually fixed, or capped at a daily rate, giving you the peace of mind that you are protected and costs are simple to manage. Many larger organizations engage DLP advisers as an outside objective investigations department to review and report on complex disciplinary or grievance issues.

Private strategy sessions and free quotes are available including a review of documentation.

Need a little more help?

Choose DLP Retainer

A dedicated DLP advisor may be what you’re looking for: a highly-qualified HR expert on retainer. You set the terms to include unlimited visits and advice, unlimited bespoke legal documents, unlimited letter writing, insurance and your HR and employment law budget is set no matter what issues arise.

Your dedicated DLP advisor will work with your busines to resolve existing and anticipate future issues. Many small businesses use a dedicated DLP advisor to develop their staff and HR policies without the expense of a full-time HR manager.

Need a dedicated HR team?

Choose DLP Dedicated Team

A dedicated DLP HR and Legal team will work full-time on your premises and serve as an extension of your organization.

Our Dedicated DLP Team will work directly with your staff to understand your business inside and out. We learn your key strengths, the problem areas, the situations staff take advantage of, and the best (and worst) parts of their jobs. We learn it all. And we use this knowledge to help you improve your business.

We create every document, policy, process and procedure specifically for your business and provide monthly reports plus necessary 'stats-and-facts' along the way to support continuous improvement - helping to ensure you are the employer of choice you want to be.

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