Top 10 Reasons to Outsource


FACT- Employee insurance can be more expensive than DLP Services (which include Insurance)

DLP can offer small businesses not only insurance, but HR & Employment Law advice, letter writing and visits for less than most single-employee insurance plans.


FACT- ‘Over time HR can become stagnant and subjective’.

As a business grows the HR attitude, compliance, and skills are often leave behind. No one in the business knows whether advice, file work, letters, policies and strategy are accurate or compliant or updated HR law and there is no accountability.

An outside review can not only ensure compliance but identify areas that require improvement in your current HR staff and position your business for continued success.


FACT-HR and Employment Law rules and regulations as well as interpretation change often.

DLP keeps aware of all regulations and rulings and can ensure your business is fully compliant.


FACT-Outsourcing the burden of HR can free your core employees to focus on strategically moving the business forward or the day to day depending on their skill set.

Outsourcing administration and disciplinary processes offers a reliable and effective reporting and monitoring system that can adapt to changing business trends and prevent issues before they arise.


FACT- A full-time in-house HR team can be expensive – prohibitively expensive for a small business.

Salary, benefits, office space, continuing development, insurance, drafting fees, software costs, legal fees…it can add up quickly.

A fully-functioning DLP HR department can cut your HR costs by 80% (or more) and offer a comprehensive solution to your HR needs – starting as low as £100 per month.


FACT-Merging, transferring and growing a business requires a very different set of HR skills and processes than day-to-day operations.

Thorough and knowledgable process building, developing expansion and training models, redundancy planning and preparing for cultural or major business change can make or break the success of a business.

DLP has extensive experience in major business change we can help you navigate complex processes and achieve the best possible outcome.


FACT-HR and Employment Law are constantly changing. Your in-house team needs to stay on the leading edge of change to keep your business safe.

DLP can enhance, support and train your existing HR staff and provide you with a qualified and unbiased assessment of your team’s capability providing assurance your HR needs are met.


FACT-94% of UK businesses employ fewer than 10 people.

As soon as you hire staff problems begin: lateness, early leaves, statutory payments, pensions, disciplinary issues, grievances and cultural differences. While you probably don’t need full (or part time) HR staff you need to run your business rather than your business run you.

Outsourcing the critical HR and Employment Law function allows you to focus on what you do best.


FACT-Dusty filing cabinets taking up valuable office space are a thing of the past.

Out-of-date paper files, reams of employee documents and ring binders of policies are a drain on a business and a waste of resources.

DLP HR can create a understandable and navigable HR system with readily-accessible documents and policy libraries at a fraction of the cost (and none of the clutter), we improve employee efficiency, streamline routine tasks and reduce administrative costs.


FACT- By using an outsource, trusted, third party, staff pay more attention and take the process seriously.

Understand the processes are handled objectively, legally and taken seriously your staff think twice before. The result is less appeals, less claims, and less business disruption.

Outsourcing HR and Employment law is more popular than ever.

Business owners are more aware of the risks, dangers and benefits of hiring people they can trust, keeping up with the changing HR landscape and keeping their business safe against claims and suits.

But it’s not just about staying out of tribunal or saving costs, it’s about being the best business you can be.

Contact DLP today to learn how we can help you protect your livelihood and save money.