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Ruling could have long-reaching effects
for other self-employed workers

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND, 20 July 2020. DLP Legal Limited has won an Employment Tribunal case for a self-employed hairdresser, in her claim against her former employer, a Terence Paul salon in Manchester.

Ms Gorman worked at the Terence Paul location from 2013 until it closed in 2019. During that time her employer retained 67% of her earnings, dictated her working hours, prices charged, products used, was forced to conform to Terence Paul’s dress standard and was required to notify the salon in advance of time off work.

Judge Marion Batten ruled that Ms Gorman was an employee in his March ruling. Judge Batten’s final ruling confirmed the above reasons to substantiate Ms Gorman’s employment status. Read Judge Batten’s full ruling at the bottom of this page.

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Meghan Gorman

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Judith Fiddler of Direct Law & Personnel

“This ruling could have far-reaching effects,” explains Judith Fiddler of Direct Law & Personnel, “not only for hairdressers, but potentially for dentists, hygienists, delivery drivers and bookkeepers and possible many other employees mis-classified as self-employed. The significance of this case is huge, as many people who think they are self-employed are actually employees.”

“The Pimlico Plumbers and Uber drivers’ cases changed the climate. Our case was that Meghan was treated as an employee during her six years at Terence Paul. At all times she was treated as an employee and her bosses exercised tight control over all aspects of her work.”

“DLP Legal,” Ms Fiddler continues, “will continue to work with Ms Gorman to ensure her full rights are recognised and any compensation due her will be dutifully pursued. ”

For more information or to arrange interviews with Ms Fiddler or Ms Gorman feel free to reach out to DLP Legal at 0113 283 9000.

DLP Legal Limited is a claims management company authorised and regulated by the FCA with offices in Leeds and Manchester.


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