DLP Partner Services

At DLP we recognize you went into business to provide a service and as your client base has grown so has the demands for resources. Let DLP help your organization maintain its competitive advantage.

Partnering with DLP allows our business partners to:

  • ​Win more business
  • Increase Revenue
  • Increased Client Retention


At DLP Partners we are an extension of your company or organization. Our Business Partnership solutions provides private label options which can help increase revenue and client retention.

Ancillary Business Partner

If you are a B2B provider and looking to increase revenue with your current client base, this may be an ideal opportunity for you. If you are an Accountant, Solicitor, payroll company, or any other B2B service provider, you can now offer a HR & Employment Law service to your offerings.

You can offer our services as your own while profiting from the expertise and efforts of a battle tested, award winning firm.

DLPA Partner

DLP Associates was created exclusively for the Independent HR consultant or company. DLPA is designed to be comprehensive resource for the independent HR professional or company.

As a DLP Associate, you not only take advantage of having DLP as your “back office” service provider, but also the group buying power opportunities such as employment law advice, client employee insurance, occupational health and stress management services, client newsletters, tribunal services, legal updates, client documents and contracts, white label services and more.

We provide the following services on a complete private label basis with your company’s logo and color schemes.

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