Is Pregnancy Discrimination On the Rise?

One in five employers ‘frown upon’ pregnancy during first year in job, survey finds.

One in five employers admits if a woman is pregnant or has children, it lowers their chances of promotion.

London lawyer ordered to pay nanny more than £18,000 after sacking her when she revealed pregnancy.

These are just three of the startling headlines from a recent 24-hour period.

What does this mean in terms of employment law?

Pregnancy is one of the nine protected characteristics in employment law. Therefore, pregnancy should not lead to direct or indirect discrimination from an employer. A pregnant woman or new parent should in no way be disadvantaged in the workplace. This is also true during maternity leave. Directly or indirectly.

For example, if you have away days or Christmas parties during a staff member’s maternity leave you should invite them to participate—remember, they are still a member of staff!

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