It’s a New Year: What Can We Expect?

Update on Sleep-ins for 2019

Following our article last year regarding nurses and care workers and whether they would be paid for time spent sleeping, the appeal decision is expected on this in 2019.

Following 2018’s Court of Appeal decision onMencap v Tomlinson Blake, a precedent was set that individuals working on sleep-in shifts, such as nurses and care workers, would not be entitled to national minimum wage (NMW) for time spent asleep in scenarios where they were ‘available for work’ but not ‘actually working’.

A request to appeal this decision was lodged with the Supreme Court by Unison and a decision is expected in 2019 as to whether this case will be analysed further.

Any ruling will be important in defining the rights of thousands of staff currently working sleep-in shifts.

Pension Changes in 2019

From April 2019, the minimum contributions for auto-enrolment pension schemes will increase for both employers and employees.

Currently automatic enrolment requirements mean employers must contribute a minimum of 2% of an eligible workers pre-tax salary to their pension pot, with the individual contributing 3% themselves.

However, under the new requirements, employers and employees will now have to contribute a minimum of 3 per cent and 5 per cent respectively.

Employers are reminded to allow appropriate time to consult with staff before making any changes to their pension contribution scheme.

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