Occupational Health Assessments

A number of clients and their employees have enquired recently about the need for Occupational Health Assessments, exactly what they are and when they are required.

Basically there is no one inside most organisations who is qualified to make medical decisions as to what is good (or not good) for an employee.

An employer agreeing or suggesting reduced hours or light duties could be entirely inappropriate and seen as causing a detriment (loss of wages) or doing more harm to a genuine medical condition without a medical opinion.

Occupational Health Reports are also useful for preventing long term sickness, for assisting an employee back to work, for identifying or supporting work related stress, for the final stages of a capability process prior to termination or can protect an employer from potential claims. They also really help employees, too. It’s a confidential place they can discuss issues and ask what support can be offered.

Assessments are used more than ever in day-to-day HR for many reasons they are also now simple to carry out. DLP recommend telephone assessments which are less intrusive (and costly). A typical assessment takes approximately 30 mins and is usually arranged within a week of the request.

Should you have any questions feel free to reach out to our help line. DLP advisors are available to answer any questions you may have at 0330 400 4495.


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