Remaining Positive During Difficult Times

During the turmoil we currently face, remaining positive is one of the best ways to cope and is available to everyone. You are in control of your mental health and have the power to influence how you feel. By fostering positive feelings, you not only feel better, but in fact you can strengthen your body’s immunity. A study found that people with higher positive feelings were more likely to fight off symptoms of the influenza virus and rhinovirus.

Positivity is a powerful tool that everyone can practice, whether you are currently self-isolated, panic buying or anxious for the unknown. We have a few examples of how fostering positive feelings can benefit you.

Consider this period of being at home as a chance to relax, cook, read and enjoy the fact that you are at home. This is your opportunity to do the things you have always wanted to do at home.
  • Your pets and family members will truly appreciate the fact that you will spend more time with them. Take this as an opportunity to bond with them.
  • Realizing that whilst you are at home, many other do not share the same luxury including doctors, nurses, carers and retail staff who are risking their lives every day. Fostering patience and understanding for each other are essential currently.
  • Having positive emotions helps with problem solving, you will help make you think clearly.

Working from home and positivity

If you are working from home during this period, here are some hints and tips on how to remain positive, motivated and connected to colleagues;

  • Get some fresh air in the garden or go for a walk (following government guidelines by social distancing of 2 metres and one exercise per day).
Connection with people you work with is key. Be sure to maximise the effect of communication technology such as Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom.
  • Find a suitable place to work from home and have everything you need in place to successfully work from home.
  • Have healthy fruit, snacks, drinks, water available to hand.

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Cover photo courtesy Elias Maurer via Unsplash

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