The Government Rules on Adding Caste as a Protected Status

Most of us are aware of the phrase ‘discrimination’ and even the two types. Direct, treating someone less preferably because of certain attributes of who they are; and indirect where practice, criterion or policies and procedures have the effect of disadvantaging those with certain protected characteristics.

DLP are often asked what constitutes a protected characteristic. Currently nine areas are listed as protected: age, sex, disability, race, gender (including reassignment) religion (belief of or lack of) sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy.

But what about the protected characteristic of Caste?

Following a review that began last March (2017) and invited the public to weigh in, the government have decided not to add Caste as a protected characteristic under the Equality Act.

Rather than create a separate protected category (which was strongly debated within the affected community) the government will rely on existing and ongoing legal rulings in the courts and tribunals.

This is a new ruling so if you have any employment law issues, disciplinary, terminations or welfare meetings contact your DLP advisor to ensure your compliance and protect your business interests.

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