Working on Christmas?

With almost half of us working over Christmas a recent survey by CV-Library learned the pros and cons of working on a holiday. Surprisingly some sentiments are in both the pro column and the con column.

Surveying more than 1,100 employees across the UK, CV-Library learned that while 70.6% believe office-based businesses should be closed, 35.3% enjoy working during the holiday season. Oddly, while those sound like opposing positions there is some overlap.

Best things about working on Christmas
(and other holidays)

[wp_charts title=”Best Things About Working on Christmas” type=”pie” width=”100%” margin=”5px 20px” data=”383,293,261,240,223,219,186,168″ colors=”#E74C3C,#AF7AC5,#5499C7,#48C9B0,#F5B041,#16A085,#85C1E9,#F1948A”]
· A more relaxed working environment (38.3%) · Christmas bonuses (29.3%) · Flexible working hours (26.1%) · Christmas music played in the workplace (24%) · A more casual / festive dress code (22.3%) · Jolly customers (21.9%) · Staff Christmas social events (18.6%) · Secret Santa with colleagues (16.8%)
Another polarizing element is Christmas music, with 24% of respondents enjoying the tunes but 15.6% list Christmas music as one of the worst parts about working over Christmas.

The same can be said for holiday attire: 22.3% like the more casual and festive holiday attire but 6.4% dislike donning festive clothing.

Worst things about working on Christmas
(and other holidays)

[wp_charts title=”Worst Things About Working on Christmas” type=”pie” width=”100%” margin=”5px 20px” data=”761,254,193,186,156,133,64,31″ colors=”#E74C3C,#AF7AC5,#5499C7,#48C9B0,#F5B041,#16A085,#85C1E9,#F1948A”]
· Missing out on time with family (76.1%) · There’s little to do as work is quiet (25.4%) · Working longer hours (19.3%) · Irritable / stressed customers and clients (18.6%) · Having to listen to Christmas songs (15.6%) · Missing out on Christmas parties (13.3%) · Being made to wear festive clothing (6.4%) · Having to train temporary Christmas staff (3.1%)
And, while 21.9% of those surveyed report dealing with happy customers, a near-comparable 18.6% are annoyed by irritable customers and clients.

What does it all mean?

The holidays are stressful. For everyone. So smile a bit more, relax a little, and remember all of this fun only lasts a few more days.

Source: CV-Library

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