Kindness in the Workplace

Kindness costs nothing but the effects are priceless!

A recent study found that performing acts of kindness boosts wellbeing and positive social emotions. The results of the study showed that kindness had a positive effect on the participants happiness, life satisfaction, compassion, trust and social connection. Most importantly the research discovered that these benefits increased as the kind acts increased.

Is Kindness Relevant in a Work Environment?

Yes! As well as making for a better place to work, a culture of kindness can also benefit the bottom line. The culture of a business is important to boosting employee engagement, retaining talent and setting expectations of how employees should act in the workplace.

Kindness can also be contagious. If a leader, colleague or employee is spreading kindness in the office, this then cultivates positive emotions, creating a more welcoming office environment. A study tracked a group of leaders and noted that the most likeable leaders who expressed warmth were also the most effective. Overall having kind leaders, colleagues and employees overall helps to improve positive business culture, creating a safe office environment where creativity and ideas are encouraged.

Does Kindness Increase Sales?

Deepening positive emotional connections in the office environment could lead to greater self-esteem and an increase in confidence will impact positively on sales. If employees truly back your business philosophy and are driven for success, this will lead to higher sales and better customer service.
A study found that dissatisfied employees will drive customers away. Only 11% of consumers would consider buying from a company again after a bad experience with an employee and almost half would actively warn others against the organisation. This startling figure demonstrates how important employee satisfaction, wellbeing and engagement is for business.

So What Random of Acts of Kindness Could be Carried Out In the Office or in a Workplace?

Greeting everyone in the office when walking in: a simple hello goes a long way
Offering to make colleagues a beverage
Making time for colleagues who may need help or checking that they are ok
Showing appreciation and recognition when colleagues have done a good job

  • Being kind to yourself, whether that’s through giving yourself breaks or treating yourself

  • Bringing in treats for employees
Celebrating key life events company wide
Taking part in charitable & fundraising events

We challenge everyone who reads this to do one random act of kindness for a colleague, family, friend or stranger.

Check out this great video by Random Acts of Kindness!

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